FlexiMusic Composer

FlexiMusic Composer 5.7

Audio composer and mixer based on a collection of sound samples
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Create music by mixing together sound samples from a preinstalled collection. Useful for both professional sound engineers and amateur composers.

FlexiMusic is a powerful tool to compose, edit and mix sounds using for this purpose a great amount of sounds from different instruments.
You can create your own music, mixing different songs and also adding some effects to them. You have a wide library of sounds which include, for example, all the instruments of a symphonic orchestra. You can also include voices effects as well as pauses in specials parts of the edition.
FlexiMusic has three cycles very well defined: Step, Bar and Single File/Voice. It is very easy to use since it has a user-friendly interface with great capabilities.
With FlexiMusic everyone can compose a song, tunes, etcetera, and mix them with other pieces of music.
The limit is your imagination.
The songs you composed can be export as .WAV files, and then you can use them in your video games, your presentations, your WebPages and so many other places that only you can imagine.
Make your dream came true and become a real composer with FlexiMusic.
It is a cheap software and you would enjoy it as you've never imagine.

Review summary


  • More than 600 instrument sounds
  • Volume, Pan, Equalizer, Echo, Wave on Wave, Reverse, etcetera effects
  • Works on Vista


  • The shareware version can only be used 7 times
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